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Acne Treatment in malleswaram

Acne Treatment in malleswaram

What is Acne treatment?

A top Acne Treatment in malleswaram is the one that works for you to clear your pores and get rid of pimples. Not every top acne treatment works the same for every person. What one dermatologist recommends as a top acne treatment may differ from the next dermatologist’s next acne treatment.

What kind of acne treatments are used?

Lotions containing sulphur, resorcinol, alicylic acid, benzol peroxideare used to treat acne. Another potential top Acne Treatment in malleswaram is a prescription of oral antibiotics that can reduce extremely severe acne. Alternative top acne treatment includes oral contraceptives (for women), light and laser therapies, chemical skin peeling, dermabration (using rotating brush), microdermabration (using rough grains)or filling them in with collagen or fat, or can be surgically removed.

Is there any side effect of acne treatment?

Using the lotions to treat acne can have side effects such as dry, flaky and irritated skin, skin redness, peeling or a burning sensation and can be reduced by washing off the lotion after letting it work for a short period of time. This type of skin irritation should clear up after one month of therapy.

How many treatments will it take to see the best results?

A series of 3-6 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart is most effective. Some patients with only actinic Kerasotes are happy with just one treatment. More treatments can be done at periodic intervals in the future to help maintain the rejuvenated appearance of the skin.

What is the Downtime?

Following your procedure, the treated areas can appear red with some peeling for 2-7 days. Some patients have an exuberant response to PDT, and experience marked redness of the skin. Temporary swelling of lips and around your eyes can occur. Darker pigmented patches called liver spots can become temporarily darker and then peel off leaving normal skin.

Will the Acne return after undergoing the treatment?

Acne is a condition which is stimulated primarily by hormonal change, so as per the person’s age there is a possibility of re-occurrence with acne. It could be minimized with the recommended homecare and the occasional treatment.

What products should be used to control the Acne?

The treatment products may include ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide ,Salicylic ,Glycolic ,Kojic or Lactic Acid ,Zinc Retinols ,Sulphur ,Azulene ,non-comodogenic oil free maintenance products, natural supplements to detox your skin.

Would there be any red marks in face after undergoing Acne treatment?

Often people with lighter complexions complain about red or purplish marks or spots that remain after their acne has cleared. These spots are called “macules” and will likely fade with time. However, they are difficult to treat and may or may not fade away.

How can stress cause acne?

When you are under stress; your body secretes stress hormones including cortisol. Combined with the surge of these hormones and the negative effects of stress, your immune system can produce skin breakouts as an immune system reaction. Also if you are under stress your body produces more sebum, which may additionally contribute to acne breakouts.

How does diet affect my acne?

Diet does not cause acne, however, ingredients and substances in the diet may aggravate acne like excessive long term ingestion of iodide whether in vitamins, drugs, and food can induce acne