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Body Shaping in malleswaram

Non Invasive Body Shaping and cellulite Treatment

FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) approval for non-invasive circumferential abdomen and circumferential thigh reduction.

Treating excessive fat and Cellulite and helps in toning skin. Best used as aid to diet and exercise, to tackle the stubborn areas of fat. Common areas treated are inside and outside of thighs, abdomen, and areas of cellulite around thighs and buttocks.

Cellulite is fat cell aggregation held together by fibrous septae, which dimples the skin from tension on movement.

It uses 2 energy sources, Radio-frequency (deep heating) and Infra-red (superficial heating), which heats underlying fat cells, surrounding connective septae and underlying collagen fibres. This results in growth of new and healthier collagen and elastin.

It incorporates pulsed vacuum for improved depth of Radio-Frequency penetration..

Body Shaping in malleswaram


  • Is it painful?
    Not at all. The procedure feels like a deep and hot massage; is very soothing
  • How long does the treatment take?
    Each area requires 20-40 minutes for treatment. The total duration will depend on the number of areas treated
  • Are the effects permanent?
    The treated area loses the normal composition of fat cells. So re-accumulation of fat in these areas are highly unlikely. The treatment needs to be augmented by healthy life style, including diet and exercise
  • When can I see results?
    Results are obvious from first treatment onward, taking upto 2 weeks to see a change and upto 8-10 weeks for full effect.
  • Do I need to repeat the treatment?
    The first course of treatment is 3 sessions, 2 weeks apart. A repeat treatment in the treated area is not usually needed, however a 6 monthly maintenance treatment is optional
  • Will I be a good candidate?
    This treatment is ideal for the post-pregnancy tummy, the stubborn pockets of fat around your thighs or tummy or under arms. It is not a weight losing treatment, the changes not obvious on the weighing scales, but in centimeters around the girth of the tummy or thigh. The technology records average loss of 3.9cm from abdominal girth after 3 treatments, dropping on average a dress/jean size.

Book an appointment to discuss this treatment with the doctor, and also combination treatment with other machines to help with striae (stretch marks)

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