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Spot Fat reduction in malleswaram

Spot Fat Reduction in malleswaram

Despite a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle habits, there may still be stubborn areas of fat that refuse to budge. Whilst overall weight can only be reduced through diet and exercise, the location of fat storage is determined by your genes and gender.

At Dr. Utkarshas Aesthetics Centre Bangalore , we offer the most advanced treatment options for Spot Fat reduction in malleswaram to reduce unwanted fat and enhance your natural body shape. Because we have a range of the latest technologies for spot-fat reduction in Melbourne, we are able to tailor a treatment plan unique to the individual situation and needs.

Spot-Fat Reduction at our clinic

  • Liposuction
  • Clatuu fat freezing technology
  • Lipodissolve
  • ThermiTIGHT

To discuss the latest Spot Fat reduction in malleswaram, sculpting and shaping treatments, contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our specialists.

Spot-Fat Reduction by exercise and iet - Its a Myth

It’s impossible to determine in advance where you would like your body to release stored fat from – your body has its own plan, and just because you exercise a certain muscle group doesn’t mean that fat will magically be taken from that area. It doesn’t work like that.

Hormones and genetics determine where your body fat is stored. When you exercise (or require energy release from stored calories because you are on a calorie-controlled diet), your body uses its fat stores reasonably evenly across your body. Our hormones (i.e. gender or sex) largely determines where fat is taken from and how easy it is to get that release of fat.

How our hormones affect our fat distribution

Oestrogen and fat have an affinity. The more fat you have, typically the more oestrogen you have, because fat cells convert testosterone to oestrogen. It is also because the more oestrogen you have, the more alpha-2 receptors you have, in particular around the thighs and buttocks. These alpha-2 receptors take nine times as much stimulation to release their fat than beta-2 receptors.

Our bodies are designed liked this on purpose. Women need both fat stores and oestrogen for fertility, with a minimum amount of fat required for ovulation to take place (about 17 per cent body fat) and thus a proper menstrual cycle to occur. The human body devised a method for ensuring no matter how much running or starving we did, we’d hopefully still have enough fat on us to stay fertile.

Skinny women will stop menstruating and skinny teenage girls start menstruating later than everyone else, which is nature’s way of saying they don’t have enough fat to sustain a pregnancy. Clever, huh!

This is when surgical and non-surgical spot-fat removal at a cosmetic clinic can be used to override our natural cellular tendencies, and remove stubborn fat that we don’t need to stay fertile, that just won’t go away.

Choosing the right Spot-Fat removal for you

Spot-fat reduction techniques are pretty limited in terms of what’s available: liposuction, lipodissolve, or fat freezing, though new devices have entered the market, like ThermiTight, which uses radiofrequency to both destroy fat cells and tighten tissue.

Post-Pregnancy Spot-Fat reduction of fat pockets

Pregnancy can change the hormonal landscape under which our bodies operate, causing fat to collect and stick around in places it didn’t used to prior to pregnancy. This is normal and while not dangerous, it can be an unappealing adjunct to becoming a parent. Add to this the loss of breast fat tissue, and women’s bodies can change significantly after a full-term pregnancy, even just due to the hormonal changes, let alone the physical tax.

Spot-fat reductions can be applied to several smaller areas, or larger areas, to smooth out body contours.

Post-Weight-Loss Fatty deposits Spot-Fat reduction

Weight loss is a healthy maneuver, but it can leave lumps and bumps that won’t budge once you are at your goal weight. Exercise can only do so much, and the body of our dreams may elude us, despite all efforts to the contrary.

Spot-fat reduction techniques can leave someone who has worked hard on their weight loss with a shape that more closely reflects their efforts.

Liposuction and other Spot-Fat reduction options

Liposuction is a tried and true technique for spot-fat reduction. We can do large-volume or spot-fat reduction, with an excellent safety record and with smooth, long-lasting, reliable results. Other options have limitations, but might be more appropriate for someone who was not able to undergo liposuction surgery, which is invasive and does require the ability to heal well and for the body to recover.

Thermitight for Spot-Fat reduction

Many New radiofrequency machine can be a fat-removal tool, but like the other fat-removal techniques outside of liposuction, the amount of fat that can be removed is limited and confined very much to the area within the reach of the device. It is also considered an invasive procedure.

It takes a very skilled practitioner to know how to use these devices specifically for fat removal, since it takes a visionary to know what your body will look like in a few months’ time when the results are finally revealed.

The Benefits of Non-Surgical Spot-Fat reduction

Surgery is rough on the body and results in a long recovery time as the tissue heals, despite results being impressive. Every surgery comes with a set of risks that are determined to be worthwhile at the outset by both you and your surgeon. These risks can be mitigated by using less invasive techniques to damage fat cells to the point that they are reabsorbed back into the body as waste, and over a few months, the fat ‘melts’ away.

This might seem like fat-melting magic, but it comes with its own risks – one of the main ones being uneven or unexpected results. Non-surgical spot-fat treatments do not require anaesthesia for the most part, and many of them can be quite comfortable, for example the fat freezing treatments (despite the name!).

How Liposuction works at Apot-Fat removal

Liposuction is a fat-reduction technique that plots out a section of fat cells to remove from the body to create a renewed contour. This technique is many decades old, but has been updated and is now safer than ever before.

A special liquid is injected into the area to numb it and quell bleeding, then tiny tubes (cannulas) are used to suction the fat out in a systematic way to achieve the best, smoothest results. This is done under a local anaesthetic (so you are awake during the procedure).

An experienced surgeon is required for best results, since they have to use their vast experience to know what your body is going to do once the swelling goes down. Smooth, well-proportioned results are the most important outcome.

Spot-fat reductions can be done using liposuction on just about any part of the body that fat accumulates – thighs, ankles, knees, back, abdomen, flanks, tummy, arms, or chin/neck. Recovery is weeks and months, rather than days or weeks, since swelling is the result of this type of surgery, and it takes some time to resolve naturally.

Fat Freezing for Spot-Fat reduction

Fat freezing is good for those who are pretty much looking how they want to, but they have a couple of key areas that are bugging them. This happens most often around the hips, abdomen or thighs, but may be anywhere.

Fat freezes at a different temperature (lower) than surrounding tissue, so the area can be cooled using a special tool to a specific temperature, at which point the cell is no longer viable and it dies, while sparing the cells around it. This is called cryolipolysis. The fat cells are then removed from the body naturally over the course of the next days and weeks, with final results able to be seen after three months.

Clatuu or Coolsculpting

There are several fat freezing devices available at cosmetic surgeries, with two main fat freezing devices in the Australian market – the Clatuu and the Coolsculpting device. Here is a brief overview of how they are different:


The Coolsculpting device is one of the older devices used for fat freezing, and has a single head.

Clatuu Fat Freezing

The Clatuu device has a double head, which means it does the same job as the Coolsculpting device, but in half the time. We prefer the Clatuu , because we believe it is a better, more efficient device, giving our clients excellent results in a shorter amount of time.

Lipodissolve for Spot-Fat reduction

Lipodissolve is an injectable substance that breaks down fat cells so they can be reabsorbed by the body in much the same way the fat freezing treatments aim for. This is usually done on very small areas. It is a reasonably quick treatment.


  • Invasive surgery
  • Longer recovery time and downtime with soreness
  • Fat cell reduction – once the fat cells are gone, they are gone for good
  • Best results seen in six months
  • More aggressive treatment
  • Some skin shrinkage seen
  • Larger fat volume removal possible
  • Improve your contour in several areas at once
  • Higher cost
  • Greater surgery risk
  • Impressive, smooth results
  • Can make a profound difference to a body
  • Just one time surgery


  • Treatments are comfortable
  • Recovery is minimal with some soreness expected
  • Fat freezing results develop over weeks and months
  • Fat cell reduction – once the fat cells are gone, they are gone for good
  • Return to normal activities immediately
  • Useful for smaller areas
  • Multiple treatments may be necessary due to reach

The procedure that is best for you will be discussed with our surgeon, who can explain the process and which they believe will give you the results you are after.

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*Results may vary from person to person